Introduction to Video Production



The Introduction to Video Production Course is an intensive training programme which is designed to introduce a student who has no prior knowledge and experience with the fundamentals of video production.

Training is based on using a Digital SLR camera to capture HD video. Using Adobe Premiere Pro CC video editing software is an additional module which can be enrolled for in which students learn professional video editing. It is also required to know how to use Adobe Photoshop CC for elements of the course - two training sessions can be booked additionally to acquire the skills.

The goal of the course is to provide students with theoretical as well as practical knowledge and experience in video production.

• 10 sessions of +-2/3 hours per session

• To ensure that you master the course material, you will be required to complete various assignments.
• Assignments are evaluated and the JAA Proficiency Certificate in Video Production is awarded if a pass mark of 75% average is achieved.

After successful completion of the course, a student is expected to be able to:
• demonstrate proficiency in using a Digital SLR camera to capture HD video.
• create a basic three piont lighting set up.
• creating and interpreting a basic screen play and shot list.
• producing a 3 - 5 minute video production.

• The course fee per person is R 6 950

• The full course fee can be paid on registration, or
• A R 3 000 deposit can be paid on registration and the balance is payable the day before the course commences.

• If a student is proficient in using Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Photoshop CC then it is not necessary to take the two subjects.
• The price for the Premiere Pro (5 sessions) is R3475, and Prhotoshop (2 sessions) is R1390. These fees are not included in the Introduction to Video Production course fee of R6950.

• If a student has no knowledge of photography or how to use a digital SLR in the manual exposure mode: students are strongly advised to consider completing the Introduction in Digital Photography & Lightroom course before starting with the Introduction to Video Production course.
• Students either need to have knowledge and experience in video editing, or be enrolled on the Video Editing with Adobe PremierePro CC course.
• The course is presented in English and students are required to have a good command of the language to engage in classes.
• Basic computer literacy is required.

• Any brand of Digital SLR camera with an HD video recording function and memory cards.
• Camera lenses that cover a focal range of at least 18mm-100mm.
• A fluid head video tripod.
• 5-in1 reflector.
• Although not compulsory, it will be an advantage for students to have a three head red head or LED lighting kit, colour gels, light meter, external sound recorder, clapper board, ND lens filters and grey card.
• A notebook computer to use in class.

Contact us for specialist advice about purchasing the required equipment for the course.

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Fast Facts

Introduction to Video Production
10 sessions of +-2/3 hours each
R 6 950


Johnathan Andrews

Course Dates & Enrollment

Full Time Courses

Full Time Classes are attended on week days. The duration of classes are +-2/3 hours depending on the subject matter.

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10 Training Sessions of +- 2/3 hours each that deal with:

  • Capturing HD video using a digital SLR.
  • Camera angles and visual interpretation for video.
  • Composition and camera angles.
  • Production planning.
  • Basic lighting.
  • Principles of directing.
  • Practical training sessions include producing a 3-5 minute documentary style film using your digital SLR camera.

Additional Subjects Required

 Photoshop CC Essentials for Video


Adobe Photoshop CC provides valuable tools which are needed for a video production in the post-production phase.

e3 Video Editing with Premiere Pro CC


Learn to do video editing using Adobe Premiere Pro CC software.

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