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Professional Photography
Week Day or Saturday Classes
2 Month Internship Included
Week Day Classes
R65500 (monthly payment option available)
21 Person Class Limit
Starts at Beginner Level
Ends at Advanced Level


Johnathan Andrews
Johnathan Andrews

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Course Introduction

The Professional Photography Certification Programme is a cutting edge course which was developed by Johnathan Andrews over a period of almost a decade. The programme was designed for a student who has no prior knowledge of photography (or how to use a digital slr camera) and systematically develops the student's theoretical and skills base to enter the market as a freelance photographer. The course includes the Theory of APIS (Applied Photographic Inspiration) as masterclasses. The course is presented by Johnathan Andrews.

Subjects which are included in the programme:

  • Introduction to Digital Photography
  • Flash Photography
  • Studio Photography & Lighting
  • Motion & Creative Photography
  • Applied Digital Photography
  • Adobe Application Training
  • Theory of APIS Masterclasses
  • Business Principles
  • Final Portfolio Compilation
  • 2 Month Internship

• 40 sessions of +-2/3 hours per session - Digital Photography
• 11 sessions of +-2/3 hours per session - Adobe Application Training
• 12 sessions of +-2 hours per session - Theory of APIS Masterclasses, Business Principles, Final Portfolio Compilation
• 2 Month Internship

• To ensure that you master the course material, you will be required to complete various assignments.
• Assignments are marked and returned to students with feedback.
• Assignments are evaluated and the JAA Certificate in Professional Digital Photography is awarded if a pass mark of 75% average is achieved.
• Students who maintain a minimum pass mark of 75% in each of the course modules is awarded the JAA Certificate of Merit in Professional Digital Photography.
• Students who maintain a minimum pass mark of 75% in each of the course modules, and where the total average is 95% and above, is awarded the JAA Certificate of Merit in Professional Digital Photography with Distinction.

After successful completion of the course, a student is expected to be able to:
• operate as a freelance photographer;
• carry out a wide range of photographic work using a Digital SLR camera, both in studio and on location;
• work with photographic equipment including an external flash, studio lights and a light meter;
• interpret a photographic brief;
• draft quotations for photographic work;
• do advanced visual concept interpretation;
• apply the Theory of APIS to diverse photographic assignments;
• photographic brief development and concept design using the Theory of APIS;
• present a portfolio of work of the highest standard for stills photography.

The course fee per person is R 65 500 (if all fees are settled before course commencement).

• The full course fee can be paid on registration, or installments can be arranged.
• The total course fee has to be settled before the course is completed.
• FULL TIME COURSE: A deposit of R 15 000 is payable on enrollment and the balance is payable in 10 installments of R 6 688 per month (depending on the course commencement date).
• PART TIME COURSE: A deposit of R 15 000 is payable on enrollment and the balance is payable in 18 installments of R 3 750 per month (depending on the course commencement date).

• No photography experience is required.
• The course is presented in English and students are required to have a good command of the language to engage in classes.
• Basic computer literacy is required.

• Any brand of Digital SLR camera with an 18-55mm lens as a minimum requirement.
• An additional lens to cover a focal range of 55-200mm will be an advantage.
• A tripod.
• An external flash.
• A studio lighting kit (a 3 head kit with various diffusion options will be ideal), flash meter and grey card.
• A notebook computer to use in class (a minimum of 4GB Ram, 1GB graphics card, 64-bit operating system).
• Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription for Lightroom and Photoshop CC.

Contact us for specialist advice about purchasing the required equipment for the course.

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